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Commission House Plaque (Beech Croft) sign writen on wood

Chalkboard Signs - HIGH PEAK ART

Chalkboard Signs for HAmbridges butchers in MATLOCK.

2 x Commission Portraits on canvas¬† (10 x 8″) Carried out in chalkpens

Commission Artwork for clietn – Toronto Skyline on canvas 30 x 90 cm

New Street artwork on canvas – 90 x 90cm SOLD

 Commission artwork carried out, please contact me for more information.

New chalkboard Signs carried out by HIGH PEAK ART

Updated signs at the Excavator.

New chalboard signs by HIGH PEAK ART.

Refurbished pavement sign, for the Greyhound Hotel Cromford, Work carried out by High Peak Art (A. MAtkin)

New Oil Painting for SALE – Parwich Trees on Canvas (By A. MAtkin) 50×50

PRICE Р£150.00


Parwich Trees - By A. MAtkin