Hi, welcome to HIGH PEAK ART.

My name is Adam Matkin and I’ve been a professional artist for many years now, my work ranges from traditional oil/acrylic commission pieces to contemporary street art. In the early nighties as a street artist I was involved in the graffiti scene, alongside the big names like, BANKSY, POPS 100, 3D and many more, this is where I may of picked up my unique style. I exhibition many of my pieces all across the uk, this can range from traditional landscapes to contemporary art. Please keep informed on all ongoing projects by subscribing to this website or just keep a look out on the site for up and coming events. Please find below, a full list of categories which I specialise in.

List of Artwork carried out

  • Chalkboard Art and Signage

The bubble inn - Stenson

I carry out a wide range of chalkboard art, this comprises of promotional signs, pub signs, ‘A’ boards, cafe menus, windows and canvas artwork. All artwork can be permanent or just as a quick promotional tool. Prices vary from size to detail, please feel free to call me to discuss package deals, day rates and other discounted options.

  • Illustration and Graphic facilitation

Lloyds banking Group

Cartooning was an old favorite pastime for myself, so if you need any illustration for books, manuals, corporate meetings or even caricatures of your fiends and family, please drop me an email or call me for further information.

  • portraits and commission works

Photograph of portrait

Finished Portrait

I carry out all sorts of commission works, from pet portraits, family photographs, scenery and just random ideas, please contact me to discuss your preference. You can choose how you want your painting to look  from various Styles, oil, acrylic, mixed media etc. I can carry out the work from a photograph normally, but if you have certain ideas how you would like your picture to look, and maybe draft sketches produced please contact me via phone or email.
  • Street Art and Murals

Street Art - The cross over

Graffiti or street art commission pieces can be carried out for community venues, festivals, music gigs, youth programmes etc, most of this work is carried out with mixed media and aerosol.Also stencil works maybe used, depending on the client.

  • Logo and design

Logo and design - The blacks head

I can create logos and all design work  for re-branding or for staring up businesses, please contact me for more details.

  • Poster work & Promotional artwork

Poster work - High peak art

Poster and promotional artwork and displays can be draw up for your business, any designs, styles, colours are available, this work is used to promote sales, offers and promotional items, normally in shop windows, or postered up inside retail areas. Please contant me for more information and prices.


Thankyou for your time, I hope you enjoy the website…..


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